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Rocester is about 4 miles (6.4 km) north of Uttoxeter, and close to the county border with Derbyshire. The village lies on a triangle of land between the River Churnet and River Dove, which join to the south.

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History Of Rocester

The Rocester of today has, as its name suggests, Roman origins (‘cester’ refers to a fortress of town during the Roman period).  But this is not the beginning of Rocester’s story.  This small settlement, situated on a low promontary between the rivers Churnet and Dove lies within a fertile, broad river valley with access to rich soil and water for crops and transport and power for machinery.  These factors have made the site of Rocester an inviting proposition for settlement for many thousands of years.

Local News

Rocester Parish Council is in close collaboration with Cedar Tree Pre-School (presently based in Cheadle) and fully expect the pre-school provision to continue in Rocester as soon as possible. This provision, however, is
dependant upon Ofsted validation in respect of the buildings (Cedar Tree provision for the children has already been assessed as ‘Good’ by Ofsted). An opening date cannot be advertised until Ofsted has completed its inspection but we will keep the community informed of all relevant details as they emerge.

Rocester Village and Parish Council

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